CrossNature HIIT

Functional outdoor training in the swedish nature with over 90 exercises, descriptions and tips. New exercises are added continuously.

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crossnature hiit

Video library with functional training in Swedish nature

Exercise with the body as a tool.
Pulse exercises, calm exercises, singles exercises, team building in pairs or for groups and much more.
Suitable for companies, schools, educators, families and individuals who want to work actively and break sedentary behavior.


  • Over 90 filmed training exercises in nature
  • Use the body and nature as an arena
  • Tips to keep in mind when training outdoors
  • Take part in the CrossNature concept
  • For group and individual training
  • Planings pass templates
  • Position & technology
  • The video library is continuously expanded

CrossNature HIIT

Instructor, writer
Anna Adelman 
Tel. 0707-307571
Anna Adelman is the founder of the company Stronger Outside and the training form CrossNature. Since 2011, she has trained over 300 instructors and spread the CrossNature concept worldwide. In addition, she is the mother of four children who has always loved exercise and movement in nature. She is passionate about making everyone think that exercise is fun. Stark Ute offers many of its own forms of training, from calmer strength and mindfulness workouts, to more intense strength and running workouts. An important part of the experience on all workouts is nature, to discover new places where you can put your hands in the moss or jump in the blueberry rice. Functional outdoor training with nature and your own body as a tool. With the help of simple, effective and fun exercises, we train strength, fitness, balance and mobility. Adapted single exercises, pair exercises and group exercises for school students. WELCOME OUT! see:

From previous course participants

Lots of fun and good exercises that I will use both privately and as an instructor. Got new inspiration that can develop my training.
The mobility course
Very inspiring, good to see how the sessions can be adapted and developed by having children. Good layout with a short review of the exercise.
The family course
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